About RTI Technologies

RTI Technologies was founded in 2006 to provide quality ammunition and demolition related items to the U.S. Military.

RTI personnel have worked in the industry for many years, and have particular experience in the production of Military Demolition Items, Firing Devices, Artillery Components, Non-Lethal Munitions, Missile Ignition Components, and IED Neutralization Systems.

RTI is an experienced prime contractor and is adept in the use of Wide Area Work Flow, AEPS, and WARP systems.

RTI’s accounting system is fully compliant to DCAA requirements.

Our customers include:

U.S. Army installations at:

  • Picatinny Arsenal (ARDEC)
  • Rock Island Arsenal
  • Pine Bluff Arsenal
  • Crane Army Ammunition Activity
U.S. Navy installations at:
  • NAVSEA Crane
  • NSWC Indian Head
Israel Defense Force

Manufacturing Facility, Plainville, CT